Thursday, February 23, 2017

E.ratio 23 2017 - New Publication Announced

Contemporary experimentalist tour de force Gregory St. Tomasino introduces yet another astounding issue of E.ratio, one of the several interesting and captivating experimental poetry journals currently in publication in the US, no. 23. These poems are fresh, imagistic, filled with language play, and a convalescence of logos and affect that infects the reader with a kind of intellectual passion. Well, I admit to speaking from experience here.

I humbly express my gratitude to the editor for this issue, my second publication with E.ratio. Moreover, I am delighted to find that my friend Stephen Ellis and I are published in the same online issue. I have several of his books on my shelf, which I turn to on occasion; his poems are well worth seeking out. They are infused with that same playfulness and beauty, and at times, venture into sensuality of a vernal kind, a Spring of the senses.

But back to E.ratio. Please check out my poem "White Blood of a Poet." This piece is a series poem from a work-in-progress reimagining the Eros and Psyche myth in contemporary times. The book is, quite loosely, a novel-in-verse with narrative rhetoric, but largely experimental in its craft and aims, especially as the protagonist of my story enters the Underworld, inspired by the poet's internal under-world from Cocteau's classic Orphic trilogy. Cocteau's filmology from Blood of a Poet onward is a stunning testament to guerrilla Surrealist filmmaking. It is a foundation for experimental image and myth-driven poetry in the world today.

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