Postcards: Les Lettres d’Amour

Postcards: Les Lettres d’Amour.

by Alifair Skebe
Artwork by the author.
Basilisk Press, 2004.
28 pages.
ISSN 1536-4577
Genre/subgenre: Poetry


A double artists’ chapbook that tells a love story that can be read in two different ways from the fold of the folio to its cover flaps. One side of the collection, “Love Letters: Les Cartes Postales,” are filled with dispatches to a lover that reveal the lovers’ private world of hopes and dreams set in the international and contemporary landscape of pop culture, suburban streets, and city zoos. The other side of the collection, “Postcards: Les Lettres d’Amour,” is literally and figuratively the “flipside” of the love relationship: these poems express the lovers’ distress and turmoil in the relationship. Poems capture the interiority of the mind and emotional dissociation through the fractured space of the modern prose poem. A small collection of collaged, text-art postcards is sandwiched in between both sides. Each art postcard investigates love & desire through the languages of French Deconstructionist theory and the French “grotesque” of Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye.

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